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Scottish Roots have been in the ancestral research business since 1984 – longer than any other genealogy company in Scotland. In almost 30 years Scottish Roots has undertaken over 20,000 investigations for Scots all over the world, including Sir Alex Ferguson and Donald Trump.

Experienced genealogy researchers provide you with detailed ancestral research, searching only authentic records from Scotland's main record office, New Register House. Here, Scottish Roots search for birth, marriage and death certificates, as well as census returns, parish registers and tombstone inscriptions.

Experienced genealogists provide you with detailed ancestral research. Merely "names and dates" can be a little boring, but records in Scotland can also unearth fascinating detail such as occupations, addresses, religion, cause of death etc.

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It happened this month in Scotland...

  • 1. (1782) Repeal of Proscription Act, which had forbade the wearing of tartan and carrying of weapons (as a result of the 1745 uprising).
  • 2. (1971) Opening of Erskine Bridge over the River Clyde.
  • 3. (1728) Scottish architect, Robert Adam, born.
  • 3. (1928) John Logie Baird transmitted first colour television.
  • 3. (1883) S.S. Daphne capsized and sank at her launch on the Clyde, claiming the lives of 195 workmen.
  • 4. (1892) James Keir Hardie became the first socialist to win a seat in the UK parliament.
  • 5. (1847) Final run of Edinburgh to London mail coach.
  • 6. (1988) Huge explosion at the north sea Piper Alpha oil platform claimed 167 lives.
  • 7. (1814) Publication of Sir Walter Scott’s first novel, Waverley.
  • 8. (1647) Frances Stuart, who was to become mistress of Charles II, and model for Britannia, born.
  • 9. (1911) Birth of Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat, chief of Clan Fraser and Second World War hero, instrumental in forming Commandos.
  • 10. (1451) King James III born at Stirling.
  • 11. (1274) Robert the Bruce was born, at Turnberry Castle, Ayrshire.
  • 11. (1924) Eric Liddell won Olympic 400 metres spring in Paris.
  • 12. (1698) Small fleet of five ships left Leith for Panama on their ill-fated Darien adventure.
  • 13. (1249) Alexander III crowned at Scone.
  • 14. (1927) Scottish National War Memorial opened.
  • 15. (1914) Gavin Maxwell, Scottish novelist and naturalist, author of Ring of Bright Water, born.
  • 16. (1832) Loss of thirty-one Shetland boats and their 105 crewmen.
  • 17. (1652) Great fire of Glasgow destroyed almost a third of the city.
  • 18. (1948) Birth of Jim Watt, Scottish boxer – World Lightweight Champion between 1979 and 1981.
  • 19. (1896) Scottish novelist A.J. Cronin born, best remembered for his Dr. Finlay’s Casebook.
  • 20. (1651) Battle of Inverkeithing – Royalists failed to halt advancing Cromwellian army.
  • 21. (1796) Robert Burns died aged thirty-seven, at Dumfries.
  • 22. (1913) Edinburgh Zoo opened for the first time.
  • 23. (1745) Charles Edward Stuart land on Eriskay.
  • 24. (1567) Mary Queen of Scots was forced to abdicate the throne.
  • 25. (1394) King James I was born.
  • 26. (1513) James IV declared war on England. The Scots suffered greatest military defeat at Flodden in September, when James was killed.
  • 27. (1913) John Cairncross was born. He became the fifth man in the spy ring comprising Philby, Burgess, Maclean and Blunt.
  • 28. (1645) Royalist Marquis of Montrose won a skirmish at Dunkeld, which was part of the English Civil War.
  • 29. (1565) Mary Queen of Scots married Lord Darnley.
  • 30. (1938) First edition of the Beano published.
  • 31. (1965) TV advertising of cigarettes banned in Britain.



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