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Scottish Roots have been in the ancestral research business since 1984 – longer than any other genealogy company in Scotland. In almost 30 years Scottish Roots has undertaken over 20,000 investigations for Scots all over the world, including Sir Alex Ferguson and Donald Trump.

Experienced genealogy researchers provide you with detailed ancestral research, searching only authentic records from Scotland's main record office, New Register House. Here, Scottish Roots search for birth, marriage and death certificates, as well as census returns, parish registers and tombstone inscriptions.

Experienced genealogists provide you with detailed ancestral research. Merely "names and dates" can be a little boring, but records in Scotland can also unearth fascinating detail such as occupations, addresses, religion, cause of death etc.

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It happened this month in Scotland...

  • 1. (1537) King James V of Scotland married Magdalene, daughter of Francis I of France. The sixteen-year old Queen of Scotland died two months after her arrival here. James lived not much longer, dying in 1542.
    (1766) King James VIII of Scotland and III of England died. He was the son of the deposed James II of England.
    (1963) The Beatles began their five-day tour of Scotland.
  • 2. (1971) New Year Day match disaster on Stairway 13 at Rangers’ Ibrox stadium, when 66 fans died.
  • 3. (1959) Edwin Muir, poet from Orkney, died.
  • 4. (1951) Death of George Cathcart – Edinburgh doctor who began concerts now known as The Proms.
  • 5. (1999) Liberian registered oil tank hit rocks of the Shetland Isles, spilling 90,000 tons of crude oil.
  • 6. (1981) Creator of Dr. Finlay, Scots author A.J. Cronin, died in Switzerland.
  • 7. (1758) Death of poet Allan Ramsay senior, who influenced Robert Burns and Walter Scott.
  • 8. (1746) Burgh of Stirling surrendered to Jacobite army.
  • 9. (1902) Co-founder and first director of the Edinburgh Festival, Ronald Bing, born.
  • 10. (1945) Rod Stewart, almost professional footballer, and popstar, born.
  • 11. (1940) Scottish National Blood Transfusion Association set up, preceding its English counterpart by six years.
  • 12. (1940) John Buchan, author of The 39 Steps, and Governor General of Canada from 1935, died.
  • 13. (1893) Labour Party founded by James Keir Hardie, who became Britain’s first Labour MP.
  • 14. (1872) Famous dog, Greyfriar’s Bobby, died.
    (1979) Grace Montgomery, Scotland’s first test tube baby, born.
  • 15. (1973) Author Neil Gunn, who wrote The Silver Darlings, died.
  • 16. (1707) Ratification of Treaty of Union between Scotland and England.
  • 17. (1795) Formation of first curling club, at Duddingston. Discussion of politics or swearing were proscribed.
  • 18. (1976) Formation of the Scottish Labour Party, who first meeting was held in Glasgow.
  • 19. (1736) Birth of James Watt, who developed the steam engine.
  • 20. (1937) Scottish Boxer, Benny Lynch, became World Flyweight Champion.
    (1805) Birth of chemist Thomas Graham, who discovered diffusion of gases and defined Graham’s Law.
  • 21. (1613) Birth of George Gillespie, the cleric who negotiated the Scottish Church’s breakaway from the Church of England.
  • 22. (1777) Birth of Joseph Hume, Scottish politician and social reformer.
  • 23. (2000) MP and advocate of Scottish independence, Willie Hamilton, died.
  • 24. (1890) The first train went across the Forth Road Bridge.
  • 25. (1759) Robert Burns born at Alloway.
    (1915) Birth of Ewan MacColl, protest folk singer and songwriter.
  • 26. (1861) One O’Clock gun fired for the first time from Edinburgh Castle.
  • 27. (1926) First public demonstration of John Logie Baird’s TV.
  • 28. (1829) Murderer and body-snatcher, William Burke, executed.
  • 29. (1928) Earl Haig, World War One Commander in Chief and found of the British Legion, died.
    (1848) Scotland adopted Greenwich Mean Time.
  • 30. (1649) Charles I executed.
  • 31. (1788) Princes Charles Edward Stewart, “The Young Pretender”, died in Rome.



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