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Scottish Roots have been in the ancestral research business since 1984 – longer than any other genealogy company in Scotland. In almost 30 years Scottish Roots has undertaken over 20,000 investigations for Scots all over the world, including Sir Alex Ferguson and Donald Trump.

Experienced genealogy researchers provide you with detailed ancestral research, searching only authentic records from Scotland's main record office, New Register House. Here, Scottish Roots search for birth, marriage and death certificates, as well as census returns, parish registers and tombstone inscriptions.

Experienced genealogists provide you with detailed ancestral research. Merely "names and dates" can be a little boring, but records in Scotland can also unearth fascinating detail such as occupations, addresses, religion, cause of death etc.

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It happened this month in Scotland...

  • 1. (1999) Scottish singer, Lena Zavaroni, whose career began with her appearance at the age of ten on TV’s Opportunity Knocks, died.
  • 2. (1947) The world’s last seagoing paddle steamer, Waverley, was launched on the Clyde. Saved from decommissioning in the 1970s, she now takes passengers on summer pleasure cruises along the Clyde.
  • 3. (1999) Scottish journalist and editor of the Guardian, Alastair Hetherington, died.
  • 4. (1883) Founding of the Boys’ Brigade, the first uniformed youth organisation, by Sir William Alexander Smith.
  • 5. (1922) Birth of Jock Stein, famous Scottish football manager, whose club Celtic became the first British club to win the 1967 European Cup.
  • 6. (1929) United Free Church held its first General Assembly in Glasgow.
  • 7. (1782) Birth of Charles McLaren, one of the founders of the newspaper, The Scotsman.
  • 8. (1774) Birth at Lochrutton of Rev. Henry Duncan, found of the first ever savings bank, which required a deposit of only six pence minimum.
  • 9. (1995) Death of Scottish conservative politician and Prime Minister Sir Alec Douglas Home.
  • 10. (1985) Jock Stein died.
  • 11. (2000) The first leader of Scotland’s devolved Parliament, First Minister Donald Dewar died.
  • 12. (1866) Ramsay MacDonald, the UK’s first Labour Prime Minister, was born at Lossiemouth.
  • 13. (1713) Allan Ramsay, Enlightenment painter, was born.
  • 14. (1318) Edward, brother of Robert the Bruce, was killed in battle near Dundalk, Ireland.
  • 15. (1880) Dr. Marie Stopes, founder of the first modern birth control clinic, was born in Edinburgh.
  • 16. (1430) King James II was born. (1774) Death of Robert Fergusson, the poet.
  • 17. (1995) Opening of the bridge to the Isle of Skye.
  • 18. (1958) Aberdeen-born Denis Law became the youngest footballer to play for Scotland.
  • 19. (1687) The first public sedan chairs, more suitable for Edinburgh’s narrow wynds, became available.
  • 20. (1792) Famous general, Colin Campbell, Lord Clyde, was born in Glasgow. He was Commander in Chief of the British Army during the Indian Mutiny in 1857.
  • 21. (1983) The Burrell Collection was opened in Glasgow by the Queen.
  • 22. (1861) Foundation stones of the Main Post Office and National Museum of Scotland were laid by Prince Albert, his last public engagement before he died.
  • 23. (1295) Treaty between Lord John Balliol of Scotland and King Philippe IV of France, the start of the Auld Alliance.
  • 24. (1796) Artist David Roberts born in Edinburgh.
  • 25. (1960) Elvis Presley touched down at Prestwick Airport on his way home to be demobbed from the army, the only time he set foot on British soil.
  • 26. (1845) Lady Caroline Nairne, songwriter and poet, died in Gask.
  • 27. (1728) James Cook, circumnavigator of the world, born to Scottish parents in Yorkshire.
  • 28. (1794) Robert Liston, first surgeon to use a general anaesthetic, was born in Linlithgow.
  • 29. (1740) James Boswell, diarist, travel writer and biographer of Dr. Samuel Johnson, born in Edinburgh.
  • 30. (1822) Caledonian Canal opens.
  • 31. (1903) Hampden Park stadium opened in Glasgow, as the home of Queen’s Park Football Club.



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