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We trace your Scottish Family Tree

Do you have Scottish Ancestors? Let us trace your Scottish family tree

Do you have Scottish Ancestors? Let us find your ancestors and trace your Scottish family tree. Scottish Roots Ancestral Research Service has been in business since 1984 - longer than any other genealogy company in Scotland. Since then Scottish Roots has undertaken over 25,000 investigations for Scots all over the world, including the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson. Our experienced Scottish genealogy researchers provide you with fascinating detail by searching through records at Scotland's main record office, New Register House. Here, Scottish Roots search for birth, marriage and death certificates, as well as census returns, parish registers and tombstone inscriptions.

Experienced genealogists provide you with detailed ancestral research. Merely "names and dates" can be a little boring, but records in Scotland can also unearth fascinating detail such as occupations, addresses, religion and cause of death. Let us unlock the mysteries of your family history and learn more about your Scottish ancestry and your Scottish family tree..

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